The Reality of Christ in You


Your greatest strength is realizing whom and who’s you are. You are Christ. I know that that this is a powerful and even a shocking truth, but in this series I show you the reality and untapped power that you have in Christ.

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Trusting God is nothing like trusting in imperfect human beings who can let us down, because God always keeps His promises. We can say that we trust Him, but the true test is whether or not we follow His prompting with our finances. The Bible says when we put God above money and follow His instructions in this area, He will take care of us. God is well aware that money can trip up many well-meaning Christians, and in the Trust God series, Creflo Dollar outlines where in the Scriptures God gives us explicit instructions on how to handle money.


4 CD Message, 4 DVD Message


Creflo Dollar

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