Greatest Power Song


Introducing “The Greatest Power” by Dr. Creflo Dollar, a powerful gospel collaboration featuring the incredible vocals of Lasha’ Knox. This dynamic song is a captivating anthem that celebrates the incomparable power of God in our lives.

Through uplifting lyrics and soul-stirring harmonies, “The Greatest Power” reminds us that in our
weakness, God’s strength is made perfect. The passionate and anointed vocals of Lasha’ Knox beautifully complement Dr. Creflo Dollar’s heartfelt delivery, creating a harmonious blend that touches hearts and stirs spirits.

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This song serves as a reminder that no matter the circumstances we face, God’s power is available to us, guiding us, and enabling us to overcome any obstacle. With “The Greatest Power,” Dr. Creflo Dollar and Lasha’ Knox inspire listeners to embrace the transformative power of God’s love and experience the miraculous breakthroughs that can happen when we put our trust in Him. Get ready to be uplifted and encouraged as you encounter “The Greatest Power” in this soul-stirring musical collaboration.


Creflo Dollar

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