Faith in a Dry Season MP3


We become spiritually dry when we stop trusting in God and immediately I could see that.

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You see, what happens is the enemy wants to present an opportunity for us to faint, to give up, to cave in, and to quit, and I asked the Lord, I said, “Well, what is it actually that’s ceasing to operate”? He said it’s a person’s faith. That when your faith, you know, in the time of adversity he wants the adversity to be used to cause you to take your faith off the field, and, you know, and not realize what he’s already done and what he’s already made available. And as he was speaking to me, you know, I just grabbed the first thing I can get my hands on to start writing, and he brought these things up to me. He says we become spiritually dry when we stop trusting in God. That’s when you become dry. That’s when a drought seems like it’s coming over your life.


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