Helen Joseph Hospital

Creflo Dollar Ministries continue to visit Helen Joseph Hospital and provide the hospital with support. This hospital is a government public hospital with a sole key responsibility of providing tertiary health care services to the community of Gauteng, South Africa. Helen Joseph Hospital consists of a total 21 (Twenty one) in-patient wards the majority of which are medical wards (11 including 2 Admission wards), Six (6) surgical wards two(2) of which are orthopedic wards, a psychiatric unit, a 10-bed ICU, a 12 bed-High Care/step down unit, a theatre complex comprising of twelve theatres, nine (9) of which are functional; specialty clinics including trauma unit, renal dialysis unit, pain clinic, endoscopy unit, breast clinic, the TB focal point and the Thembalethu HIV clinic. We have felt in our hearts that this public hospital was serving the community and saw a great need for the message of Grace to be ministered unto all patients and staff. We initiated a meeting with the Head of Religious Department and the outcome of this Meeting were birthed for our office initiative for the Helen Joseph discharge lounge.

We distributed the below:

CD’s (God wants you Healed)

Packs of study notes (The great Exchange)

Freshly baked loaves of bread

T-shirts for religious workers.

600ml containers of soup


Let us pray for your friends/family

share a testimony with us

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